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Save Money: Improve the energy efficiency of your natural gas range!

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As a Chef or restaurant owner, you know that energy costs have always been a significant expense and have been rising rapidly. According to commercial kitchens use about five to seven times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings. Choosing more energy-efficient appliances and making sure that your current equipment is well-maintained can reduce your energy consumption and energy bills(!) significantly.

There are several resources with great information on ways to reduce energy and water consumption in the food service industry. Two of our favorites are the Food Service Technology Center and California Energy Wise. In fact, the latter offers “try before you buy” options at a few different labs around the state. 

You can also improve the energy efficiency of your existing equipment with good maintenance and best practices. Here are a few key things to consider with your natural gas ranges:

  • Check your burner flame. If it’s very yellow, that’s an indication that the fuel-to-oxygen ratio is too high and that you’re burning excess (expensive) gas that isn’t necessary.  
  • Keep your oven doors shut while cooking (applies to electrical appliances too!)
  • Fill your oven to capacity but don’t overfill it.
  • Turn OFF when not using 
  • Don’t preheat longer than necessary 
  • On the maintenance side, check your oven door seals regularly and replace as needed. 
  • Keep your oven clean and check the baffles weekly.
  • Check your thermostat and verify that it’s calibrated properly each month. 

We’d love to help you with the parts, supplies and services (within our service areas) that you need to efficiently use your equipment, lower your energy bills and help create a cleaner environment!

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