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Are you taking good care of your fryer? Extend its life and reduce its energy use with these tips!

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Fryers are key pieces of equipment for many of our customers. Keeping them clean, safe and energy efficient is important for extending their life as well. 

On the maintenance side of things you’ve got to keep the burners, pilots, fry vats and fry baskets in good shape. Make sure to do the following for your burners: 

  1. Clean the air vents and remove ling
  2. Replace or clean air intake filters
  3. Inspect the radiants
  4. Clean the air vent
  5. Check  your controls

Clean everything else regularly. Consider a boil-out if that’s appropriate and convenient. If not, make sure you dry all your cooking utensils and fry baskets completely as water in oil is a safety hazard. 

For maximum energy efficiency, turn off the fryer or put the cover on when you’re not using it. Don’t preheat longer than necessary and use the proper cooking temperature- not too low and not too high. 

Finally, maximize your fryer oil life by filtering it and skimming sediment throughout the day. Avoid salt, water and excessive heat to make it last longer.  Don’t forget to order new filters to have on hand!

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