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TurboChef - NGC-3015 - Magnetron Service Kit

TurboChef - NGC-3015 - Magnetron Service Kit

part #NGC-3015 | TurboChef

TurboChef - NGC-3015 - Magnetron Service Kit (NGC)

F3 Faults - Usually a sign one or both of your magnetrons are bad or faulty. There are a number of things that can cause your magnetrons to be faulty. These include Waveguides, HV Transformers, Capacitors, and Diodes. If your oven is flashing F3, it could be a blown 20A fuse (Part # 100599)

F5 Faults - This error is caused by the Magnetrons over heating. Make sure there is proper airflow from the Magnetron Cooling Fan (100083), also inspect to see if the Magnetron tips are discolored. If this is the case, the Magnetrons should be replaced.

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